New Book Announcement and Cover Reveal!

I am thrilled to announce that my next novel, SHROUDED LOYALTIES, will be released by sci fi publisher Angry Robot in August! It’s about a naval officer who receives dangerous powers when her submarine travels through an alternate realm of existence and is attacked by a monster. She must figure out how to use these powers to save her country from invasion, all the while unaware that her partner is a spy and her brother is an enemy collaborator.


In addition to espionage and betrayal, this novel addresses some issues near and dear to my heart, including the gaps that lack of communication drive into our relationships and the temptations that lead us astray in our darkest hours. Through three very different POV’s, I examine subjects such as gender roles in differing societies, the challenges of anger management, and the difficulties of living with self-loathing (this last being a topic I have personal experience with, and drew on extensively as I wrote).


So if you love reading about espionage, submarines, betrayal, alternate realms with mysterious monsters, or relationships that seem broken beyond repair, SHROUDED LOYALTIES might be a great fit for you! And if you prefer having books read to you, I’m excited to say that it’s already been picked up as an audiobook, too!



Shrouded Loyalties.jpg

And as a bonus, read an exclusive excerpt from the book on Sci Fi Now!