Holding the Ashes Release!

HoldingtheAshes Cover 2x3 medium.jpeg

I hold you tight, to keep you alive

As though my heart could make you thrive.

I see every second your spirit deprived...

But if I keep you close, maybe something will survive.


I am excited to finally announce the release of Holding the Ashes! Told in 10 episodes, this post-apocalyptic western is about a thief named Svana who withholds a soul from her death god. Plagued by grief and guilt, and hunted by her loved one’s killer, Svana struggles to save those she can, armed only with the ashes and words in a dead rock star’s journal. Dark and gritty, but with splashes of hope, Holding the Ashes is a journey through grief, memory, and regret, and addresses the ultimate question about whether it’s ever okay to let go.

From now through September 1st, I am offering a new-release deal of only $10 for the paperback (plus shipping) if you contact me directly! I’ll send you a signed copy, plus info about other books in the storyverse and Fiction Vortex’s StoryShop app. And if you don’t have my first book yet, 1920’s Soviet thriller The Deadliest Echo, I’ll include that for only $5 until the end of the promotion!

As always, I appreciate shares and word of mouth, and am ecstatic to finally share a novel that’s been near and dear to my heart for the past couple years. I hope you love it as much as I do!