Coming Soon!

In 2018, Fiction Vortex will be launching a Storyverse called The White Event—four stories set in a world two hundred years in the future, after humanity has destroyed modern civilization with nuclear weapons and inadvertently summoned death gods to rule over those remaining.


Here’s how it works: The White Event Storyverse will be made up of four INDEPENDENT stories, each written by a different author. Each story will be released one piece at a time, in 10,000 word episodes, just like a television show. The four stories will rotate with one another; every week, you will get a new episode, and every four weeks, you will get the next episode of the same story. For example, if you are following my story, Holding the Ashes, you will get a new 10,000 word episode every four weeks. Of course, following all four stories is great fun, since they all take place in different parts of the same world, with different characters and plots. The four stories will be: The Witness Song, The Midnight Agency, I Speak for the Kraken, and Holding the Ashes. The first episode of each story will be free!


The episodes will be downloadable at or accessed by our forthcoming mobile app, Fictionite, which should be launched right around the same time. Stay tuned for The White Event cover reveal and more info about exact release dates, as well as excerpts and reveals about the rest of the world. Until then, here’s a quick glimpse of what you have in store for Holding the Ashes:



Chahr, the death god of dying metropolis Black Angel, is sweeping up souls faster than ever before. Even one withheld soul could make a difference in keeping him at bay. The survival of the remaining populace falls to a lone book robber, a disenchanted Death Hunter — and the words and ashes concealed within a dead artist’s journal.