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In a world that worships death as divine, any sort of attachment is a thing of the past. The people of Black Angel use books to collect the ashes of the dead, then burn and send the souls to their insatiable death god Chahr. As one of the few readers left, Svana sees books as something else: a glimpse of a time when there was more to life than death. And when she collects the ashes of a forbidden friend in her most precious relic, she has no intention of giving him to Chahr.

As Black Angel’s population is ravaged by invisible soul-stealing demons, Svana learns that the soul she holds could be all that stands between them and total annihilation. Plagued by grief and guilt, and hunted by her loved one’s killer, Svana sets out to save those remaining, armed only with the ashes and words concealed in a dead artist’s journal. Her crusade will take her to the heart of Chahr’s powers, and reveal the dark past that almost wiped Black Angel from the map two hundred years earlier.


Holding the Ashes

Coming spring 2018


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