Hello, I’m Reese Hogan, a science fiction and fantasy enthusiast who loves to both read and write in these two exciting genres. I live in Rio Rancho, New Mexico, with my wonderful family of four and our two cats. I enjoy studying languages and military history, and also love outdoor activities, such as camping, hiking, exercising, and skiing. My second passion after writing is music; I download new music at least once a week and can’t work without it. My favorite genres are alternative and hard rock, punk, indie, rap, and a scattering of beloved bands from the eighties.

I have been reading since I was four, and writing poetry and fiction since I was fourteen. I grew up on Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings, Jordan’s The Wheel of Time, and Star Wars. As an adult, I discovered Bujold’s Miles Vorkosigan Saga, Butcher’s Dresden Files, Thurman’s Chimera series, and Sanderson’s Stormlight Archives, to name just a few. I have, to date, written six novels, although The Deadliest Echo is my first published work. I am at various stages of development on three other projects: a trilogy set in outer space, another trilogy set in an occupied country in time of war, and one science fiction standalone.